Fat Dissolving Injections

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Fat Dissolving Injections

A non-surgical alternative to liposuction that destroys pockets of stubborn fat cells to restore a youthful and attractive face contours

Fat-dissolving injections contain water-based solutions which when injected into fatty tissue, surrounds the fat cells and breaks them down. The body then excretes the remains of the fats cells safely as waste. Fat-dissolving injections work on the stubborn pockets of fat that are near impossible to get rid off through diet and exercise alone. 

What Areas Do Fat Dissolving Injections Work

As the skin ages, the areas around the neck and under the chin lose support and become saggy. No amount of exercise is going to shift these small pockets of fat but they have a massive impact on the way you look. A course of fat dissolving injections will not only eliminate the fat cells permanently but also restore your face’s contours. 

Fat-dissolving injections not only work on the face but in all places where you have stubborn fat you’re struggling to shift. 

Larger areas like tummies, flanks, waist and arms may need up to 5 sessions for the amazing results to become apparent. 

How Do Fat Dissolving Injections Work?

Fat-dissolving injections work by breaking down the fat cell walls, turning the fat cells into liquid and permanently destroying it. The fat contained within the cells is then released into the bloodstream and processed by the lymphatic system into waste products the body can eliminate naturally. 

The procedure consists of a number of injections administered a month apart where the fat-dissolving solution is injected into the areas of concern. The number of treatments depends on the size of the targeted area and how the fat pocket reacts to the initial procedures.

What To Expect During Your Treatment

Every treatment follows a consultation during which we discuss what you’d like to achieve from the treatment. Sometimes we may be able to offer a treatment that will deliver the vision of beauty you’re looking for. During the consultation, we also assess if this is the right treatment for you.

Your aesthetician will cleanse your skin to ensure it’s clean before marking out the treatment area. The fat-dissolving solution comes premixed with a local anaesthetic for great comfort. Very fine needles are used to inject small quantities of the solution in a fan effect to ensure maximum coverage of the treatment area. Fine needles allow for easy treatment of small areas such as double chins and jowls.

What Results Can I Expect To See?

You will start to see a reduction in fat in the treated areas within a matter of weeks following your treatment. Results will vary depending on age and the size of the targeted area with noticeable results visible after a single treatment in very small fat pockets.

Whatever area you are getting treatment, whether the face, arms or body you can expect a leaner and more sculpted look. Unsure if fat dissolving injections will work for you, go ahead and book a free consultation today and we can chat about this procedure and other options.  


With any injectable treatment there is a small risk of bruising, localised bleeding and swelling, this is usually very superficial and will disappear and subside very quickly

During your free consultation, we will examine your skin, discuss the outcome you’re looking for and determine if this is the right treatment choice for you.

The results of this procedure are permanent because the fat cells are destroyed for good.

Everyone has a different sensitivity to the feeling of a fine needle in the skin, but most people find that there is only a very mild discomfort associated with having anti wrinkle injections.

The needles used are extremely fine and the treatment is over within minutes. For this reason, no topical anaesthetic is required, however if you are sensitive please tell the practitioner that you would like to use a numbing cream.

You may experience some swelling soon after the treatment which gradually goes down within a few days. We will send you home with some after-care instruction to ensure your skin recovers as expected after the procedure.

The practitioners at our clinic are very experienced with all aspects of and areas of anti wrinkle injections and the type of results achieved. Treatment varies from client to client and the practitioner will discuss the best ‘look’ for you in your consultation.

We can assure you that your treatment will be delivered safely, and in accordance to your wishes. It is a popular treatment because most people are really happy with the result.

The treatment will eliminate fat from the stomach including six-pack definition, love handles, arms (bingo wings), chin, flanks and waist, inner and outer thighs plus underarms and armpits

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