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Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Anti Wrinkle treatments are done during a 30-minute consultation and involves a few tiny injections into the areas of concern.

The treated lines on your face will begin to soften over a three to five day period following the procedure and their appearance will further improve over the next two weeks.

Your new, fresher appearance and feel will stay with you for three to six months (every result is different depending on how quickly your body breaks down the toxin), at which point treatment is easily repeated.

Even better you able to return to your normal daily routine immediately without the need for a lengthy recovery period.


With any injectable treatment there is a small risk of bruising, localised bleeding and swelling, this is usually very superficial and will disappear and subside very quickly

You shouldn’t have anti wrinkle injections if you’re pregnant, breast feeding or have certain allergies to products such as honey, this will be discussed with you prior to you having a treatment

When injected into a human muscle, this purified protein binds to receptors on the muscle and block the signals telling the muscle to move or contract. When the muscle is relaxed, the skin overlying it is therefore also relaxed.

Immediately, you will see a smoothing of the mild to moderate lines on the skin. Some of the deeper lines may still be visible, but they will look softer.

The manufacturers of the brands of anti wrinkle injections suggest they will work for 3-4 months. After this time, the muscle will generate new receptors and slowly regain all movement, after which the treatment will need to be carried out again to keep the same look.

Everyone has a different sensitivity to the feeling of a fine needle in the skin, but most people find that there is only a very mild discomfort associated with having anti wrinkle injections.

The needles used are extremely fine and the treatment is over within minutes. For this reason, no topical anaesthetic is required, however if you are sensitive please tell the practitioner that you would like to use a numbing cream.

After 3-4 days following injection of the treatment you should start to see some results, however it usually takes around 10-14 days to get the full benefit from the treatment.

The practitioners at our clinic are very experienced with all aspects of and areas of anti wrinkle injections and the type of results achieved. Treatment varies from client to client and the practitioner will discuss the best ‘look’ for you in your consultation.

We can assure you that your treatment will be delivered safely, and in accordance to your wishes. It is a popular treatment because most people are really happy with the result.

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

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